Little Bunnies Day Nursery, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Our Pre-School Day Nursery
in Kings Lynn, Norfolk

At Little Bunnies, our aim is to provide your child with a good education and encourage them to become more independent.

All children are encouraged to wear a uniform available to purchase from us this also helps them prepare for big school and saves their best clothes from being spoilt.

At Little Bunnies, every day is made up of fun learning, educational play, music and planned activities. We like the children to have access to many learning opportunities and have a free-flow structure. This allows the children to choose their activities and guide their learning. The children have sports lessons each week with a professional sports coach and cooking lessons from our very own cook.

We continue to promote independence and confidence, with the focus on phonics development and early reading though lots of fun activities. ‘Circle time’ enhances learning around topics to promote confidence in speaking in a group whilst learning to listen to others and respecting them around us.

We invite professional partners into the nursery to talk to the children about our community, cultures and environment: these include the Police, Firefighters and Dentists in order to help the children learn and understand about the world outside. All festivals are celebrated.

We promote positive behaviour, manners and respect for each other and the things around us.

Little Bunnies actively promotes teeth brushing and your child will be encouraged to do this every day at the nursery.


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