Little Bunnies Day Nursery, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Our Baby Day Nursery
in Kings Lynn, Norfolk

We understand that leaving your baby for the first time can be a difficult and emotional time.

At Little Bunnies we support you through this time, by building positive partnerships to create a warm and welcoming environment for you and your baby.

We welcome you to spend time with us to appreciate the routine you have developed at home and maintain continuity between Little Bunnies and home.

Our team ensure they provide a strong and professional bond with parents and babies, with a Key worker and Co-worker system in place. Your baby will receive lots of care and attention from our dedicated team of trained nursery staff.

The baby room has its own kitchen where the baby’s bottles are prepared and flexible meals are catered for to meet all dietary requirements. There is a separate changing room facility with all nappies and wet wipes provided.

We use a diary for the parents which is completed daily with details of the baby’s meals, nappy changes, nap times and activities.

‘Next steps’ are included within the diaries for practitioners and parents/carers to work in partnership to ensure that your baby’s individual care and development plans are being met. These are reviewed on a weekly basis.


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